December 16, 2008

Coming Soon- Lady Blood (2009)

Since we just reviewed the French Horror flick Baby Blood (1990), I figured it would be a good time to talk about the sequel that took them 19 years to make; Lady Blood.

"[Baby Blood] was about Yanka, a young woman raped by an ancient creature, who [was] forced during her [resulting] pregnancy to feed the unborn child by killing men and eating them. Now in Lady Blood, [18] years later, Yanka has become a cop, and a mysterious series of gruesome murders have taken place in Paris. Soon, Yanka and her team have to face the truth - the murders aren't perpetrated by a human, but by a cannibalistic creature. The movie [is] a mix between Se7en, Street Trash, Slither, and Brain Damage." Teaser Trailer

We loved Baby Blood, and the follow up seems to be in the same vein, so I'm excited. I imagine we will get a DVD release in the states, as movies like this seldom get theatrical runs.

Here's a picture from Baby Blood that I found funny; did the filmmakers plan on a sequel while shooting the first? I love in-jokes like that.


  1. When does this come out?

  2. It came out a few years ago in France and Europe. As far as a U.S. release date, there doesn't seem to be one...