July 5, 2016

Blu-ray & DVD Releases for July & August!

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As the Summer wears on, the release schedule gets better and better, no doubt gearinng up for the fast-approaching Halloween Season. Yeah, that's only a few short months away.

In July we get: Return of the Living Dead; Green Room; Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow; The Invitation; The Pack; Batman v Superman; Holidays; The Killer Thrillers Collection; Hardcore Henry; and a bunch of cool 4k titles.

In August we get: Session 9; Summer Camp; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Baskin; Buckaroo Banzai; Ash vs. Evil Dead; The Bunker; and the latest season of The Walking Dead.

Our wallets are not going to be happy with us. 

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Tarman5AbsolutionCabinDarkHousePackParasytetakingTerm170 x 224hellholidayslevengermewitch170 x 25012Allegiantdivergengt4kInsurgentBloodcarnivalCatGreenhuntersJustRoadSlasher170 x 22413frankizombiemechmodelvanished19Badbvsbvs2bvs3CrimesReturnHoodlumMagiciansorphanMan of SteelWatch170 x 224100bittenbridgend26KillerBoyCandyDeathiveHardcoreHellholeInvitationPeteyRiver170 x 224170 x 22422consumptionDeadlyexh8JackJack2listeningMST3KnightPerfectAugust2BatmanBindingBiteHighInvasionManhattanNightRedSavingBetaMostSummer911Basket2Basket3BaskinHiroFinalSupergirlTunnelViolentAloneDarkMonsterRevenge170 x 250170 x 25016AmericanAmerican2American3American4BuckAtrozBurbsGothamHellLakeMicorRaidersSessionVampireWhoHouseResSharkenstein23AshBoodDerHuntsmanLuciferPsychoStrainWalking170 x 22430ArrowLAdyStar3BloodDreadtimeBLU FOOT

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