July 11, 2016

Horror Movie Music: Brave New Love (The Blob, 1988)

As much as we love Horror movies (and movies in general) around here, I have to admit that we might love music even more. I could write a thesis paper on how important music is, and why we need it so much, but let's just leave it at we need music like the body needs blood.

When we find good music in the movies we love, we need it even more.  

So let's fire up our virtual MP3 player and see what's playing, shall we?

It's no secret that The Blob (1988) is one of our favorite movies of all-time, and you can read our review HERE to see why. One of the coolest things about the movie is that as the movie draws to a close, and the credits begin to roll, one of the best song's we've ever heard starts to play: Brave New Love by the 80's Swedish AOR group, Alien. *That's them up there, the guys who look like Glass Tiger with attitude.

If there's one song that gets more play than any other on my iPod, it's Brave New Love. That might have something to do with the songs being listed alphabetically by artist, but it mainly has to do with the fact that it's awesome as hell. 80's Rock is my personal favorite genre of music, and as far as uptempo ballads go, Brave New Love is about as good as it gets.

It also made for a perfect closing song for an excellent flick.

Somebody out there made a video for the song using footage from what we're guessing is the new Twilight Time Blu-ray of The Blob, and it is excellent. Take a moment and listen to it below.

She took a chance and led with her heart
Passion played and she took the part
In her eyes I could see the flame
She heard my silent call and came
And in the midnight she held to beauty
Wild and eager innocence
Minute to minute she took the lead
In our shadow dance

With a brave new love
She gives it up like it's never been done
Brave new love
And in the dark - she's as tough as they come

She touched a place I tried to hide
Found her way past the warning signs
Fearless in battle defending me
And her surrender's my victory
I want to hold her but not too tightly
She could crowd so easily
I gotta wait till her lightening strikes
To set me free

Repeat Chorus

Inside my dreams
I hear her calling me
I feel the need
I know she'll be there for me

Repeat Chorus

Wasn't that fucking awesome? If your answer is no, then you aren't our friend anymore. If your answer is hell yes, then we can totally be best friends for life.

For me, everything about this song works perfectly; the rhythm, the chord changes, the little stutter-step of the guitar during the verses, and especially the lyrics. It's a monster song, and one that most people probably don't even know exists. If you dig old school rock, then it's one that you should know about.

*Alien was a pretty good group (at least for one album), and if you dig this song, look for Go Easy and Tears Don't Put Out the Fire, both of which are awesome songs too.


  1. OMG, 80's movie Title Music is the greatest thing that has ever been invented. Listening to certain songs from them bring back this feeling of nostalgia that just can't be put into words. And the final scene to 'Blob 88' has to be one of the greatest, slickest, most original endings in horror history. Blob '88 has to be one of the most underrated horror remakes of all time. You never here it talked about. I remember vividly watching a snippet of the Phone Booth Scene on the 'Today' Show back in '88(I was 13) talking about the new big movie that was coming out that week.

    So I have something for you. I know(Or feel like I know after listening to about 200 of their podcasts/commentaries) the guy who was part of the effects team for Blob '88. So if you want some super inside info, go here, listen to the link, and follow the instructions while you play your copy of Blob with the volume turned down and you have fun with the guy and his friends talk about his time making the movie:

  2. Still have me a copy of the Lost Boys soundtrack on cassette, classic. I also loved me some Fastway who provided the entirety of the Trick or Treat soundtrack in the 80's. Remember that one, Satan on guitar vs Skippy from Family Ties. Loved that cassette too. Also Dokken, Dream Warriors for A Nightmare of Elm Street 3 and Alice Copper had Jason's back with Man Behind the Mask, ala Friday 6. All bring back nostalgic 80's horror delight.

    1. Definitely remember that movie, and Fastway.

      Dokken is going to be my next Music post, actually :)

  3. Their second album "Eternity" from 2014 is pretty good too, but yes, this is a CLASSIC.

    1. I have that album, and yeah it's good. I really like the 80's sound that their first album had though.

      I think it's awesome that you know who they are. You rock :)