July 22, 2016

Fantasia Fest 2016 Has Begun!

The Fantasia International Film Festival is perhaps the largest genre Film Festival that takes place in all of North America. Every year in Montreal, filmmakers from all over the world bring their Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, and other Genre films to showcase them to hungry audiences.

This year's festival began last Thursday, and this past weekend saw screenings of Outlaws and Angels; Kickboxer: Vengeance; A Conspiracy of Faith (Department Q); Rupture; Antibirth; Demon; The Master Cleanse; Bed of the Dead; Ti West's In a Valley of Violence; The Unseen; and Takashi Miike's As the Gods Will.

It's already like a Genre-lover's paradise, and the festival goes until August 3rd.

Below are some of the films that will be premiering at Fantasia Fest over the next two weeks, but be sure to click the banner at the top to check out everything the festival has to offer.

KickboxerOutlawsAntibirthConspiracyRuptureThreeBedDemonMasterAs the GodsIn a ValleyUnseenWailingWhite CoffinLureLightsTrainGreasyShelleyRedTankAbbatoirCreepyWe Go OnTherapyPriestsUnderSep 2AntiBeforeBodyguardTeenage170 x 267AUGUSTDevilsI Am NotBloodDon't170 x 267170 x 267

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