July 11, 2016

Check Out This Child's Play Collector's Edition Blu-ray From Scream Factory!

I'm usually not one for spending a ton of money on a Blu-ray release because of an extra slipcover or collectible that comes with it, but that Good Guys slipcover is brilliant. Then again, so is the regular cover art. That doll is pretty cool too. Not sure if I can rationalize spending $59.99 for a doll and a slipcover, but it's damn tempting...

Whether we decide to go with the Deluxe or Collector's Edition, we're just glad to see that Scream Factory is bringing Child's Play to Blu-ray, as it's a movie that will always hold a special place in our hearts (formative years and all.) The new 2k scan from the interpositive should look nice.

You can pre-order the Deluxe Edition directly from Scream's website, HERE. It's limited to 2000 copies, so if you have to have it, act quick. You can pre-order the regular Collector's Edition below.

Child's Play hits stores on October 18th.


The "chills come thick and fast" (Los Angeles Times) in this riveting, jolt-a-minute thriller about an innocent-looking doll inhabited by the soul of a serial killer who refused to die. From the director of Fright Night, Child's Play comes complete with "excellent special effects" (Leonard Maltin) and a slew of special features that make this Blu-ray your "friend to the end!"

In this "clever, playful thriller" (The New York Times), only six-year-old Andy realizes that Chucky is responsible for a spate of gruesome murders, including that of his unsuspecting babysitter. But the real terror takes hold when the deranged doll becomes determined to transfer his evil spirit to a living human being... Andy!

This Deluxe Limited Edition contains:

  • An exclusive, limited edition 5 ½" tall "Good Guys Chucky" doll by NECA
  • A limited edition 18" x 24" poster of the newly-designed art from artist Justin Osbourn (this poster will ship rolled, in a poster tube)
  • A second slipcover — made exclusively for this promotion — featuring custom-made "Good Guys Doll" artwork
  • A limited edition 18” x 24” poster of the custom-made “Good Guys Doll” artwork (this poster will ship rolled, in a poster tube)
  • Early shipping to arrive two weeks before the national street date

Bonus Features:

  • NEW 2K scan of the interpositive
  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Tom Holland
  • Audio Commentary with Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks and "Chucky" designer Kevin Yagher
  • Audio Commentary with Producer David Kirschner and Screenwriter Don Mancini
  • Select Scene Chucky Commentaries
  • Evil Comes in Small Packages featuring interviews with Don Mancini, David Kirschner, John Lafia, Chris Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent, Kevin Yagher (24 minutes)
  • Chucky: Building a Nightmare featuring Kevin Yagher (10 minutes)
  • A Monster Convention featuring Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent and Chris Sarandon (5 minutes)
  • Introducing Chucky: The Making of Child's Play Vintage Featurette (6 minutes)
  • The Decade of Darkness – featurette on ‘80s horror films (23 minutes)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Photo Gallery


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