July 15, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (7/12-7/15)

VOD 550
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A hellish road trip through the French Countryside; a killer all-girl party; a dizzying POV flick; a Sci-Fi Thriller with a top-notch cast; a doomed dystopian romance; and a Pre-Apocalyptic tale of two sisters... it's a busy and solid week on the VOD front.

First things first...

The Blackcoat's Daughter (February) was supposed to be released today as an exclusive on DirecTV. It's not on DirectTV, and there has been absolutely no promotion or mention of the movie by A24 (its distribution company), DirecTV, or on the film's Twitter or Facebook pages, so at this point we have to assume that its release date has been moved. IMDB has it listed as coming out on Sept. 30th in the U.S., so maybe we'll see it some time this fall. You can check out our review HERE to tide you over until then.

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

"Nothing is what it seems in this terrifying thriller when a serial killer plays a game of cat and mouse with an unwitting hitchhiker who gets in the wrong car in France."

While Road Games may not be as disturbing as many of the other recent, great French Horror films are, and it's certainly nowhere near as bloody and violent, it brings an effective Hitchcockian flavor to the game that was at least refreshing and compelling. Rent it, because you need more French Horror in your life.


  • All Girls Weekend looks like it might be a fun Slasher flick. 
  • Hardcore Henry was great.. for about the first 20-minutes or so, then it just wore on us with its non-stop barrage of First Person craziness. Interesting concept though.
  • Criminal looks like a great movie, and with that cast, we'll definitely be giving it a rent. 
  • Equals could be good... as long as it's not another sappy, "love conquers all" story which seems to be so prevalent in dystopian flicks like these. 
  • And Into the Forest looks really good, and as soon as we go visit one of our friends with DirecTV, we'll give it a watch. 
  • Happy streaming!

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  1. Equals is one of my favourite films of the year, and it is more of an indie romance than a YA flick, that you can be sure of. Hardcore Henry was super fun, and I fully intend on revisiting it. Criminal, on the other hand, was just a routine action flick, that left me a tad dissapointed. Of the rest, I am really curious to check out Into The Forest and Road Games

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