July 5, 2016

What's New on Netflix in July?

July is off to a good start on the streaming front as Netflix has added some quality titles to their lineup.

  • The first two seasons of the CANCELLED WAY TOO SOON Penny Dreadful are now on Netflix, and if you never got the chance to experience this excellent bit of Gothic Horror, then you should do so asap. It's A+ material. 
  • III: The Ritual is a movie that's been on ou TBA List forever, and it looks like we can go ahead and check it out now. 
  • Big Trouble in Little China, Blade II, Deliverance, Insomnia, and The Lovely Bones are all excellent flicks. 
  • And we're debating on whether or not to watch through The Ghost Whisperer; not because it's a great show, but because Jennifer Love Hewitt is so freaking hot. Seriously, it's a dilemma.

As for the rest of July, it looks like Netflix is adding two of the best movies of 2016 to their lineup, as well as a new TV show that we're curious to check out. Not bad, Netflix. Not bad at all.

July 8th
The Invitation

July 15th
Stranger Things (S1)

July 27th
The Wave


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