July 28, 2016

Horror Hotties: Jennifer Love Hewitt

So we were flipping through the channels the other day and came across a rerun of Ghost Whisperer, and we stopped flipping. Sure, it's a cheesy show, but man, that Jennifer Love Hewitt makes it all kinds of watchable. At least with the volume off.

JLH isn't a very prolific Horror Hottie -aside from the I Know What You Did Last Summer, flicks, Ghost Whisperer is about as scary as her resume gets- but she was a pretty important one in the 90's, and have you seen her? She's gorgeous, and she has talents. Wonderful, wonderful talents.

For the record, we think it's terrible that people call her Jennifer Love Huge Tits. That's just wrong, and sexy sexist!

So indulge us as we take a quick look at her Horror career via images, won't you?

You weren't alive in 1997 if you didn't have a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was, after all, one of the first of the new wave of Teen Final Girls that brought Horror back to life in the 90's. Also, she's a total QT.

One year later, that crush intensified, even if the sequel wasn't as good as the first movie. JLH, however, got better with age.

I have no idea what in the hell this movie even is, but JLH looks great as The Devil.


So it's safe to say that we love Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that sometimes we post pictorals of actresses  at random, because we're flighty like that.

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