June 29, 2016

ICYMI: The VOD Releases of June!

VOD 550
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With close to 30 new movies of interest hitting VOD in June, there was never a shortage of things to watch. If you missed out on anything you wanted to see, or if you're looking for something new to entertain you, you can do so by clicking the posters below.

We'll try to steer you in the right direction.

June 28beJune 17djune 17bjune 17ajune 17cjune 28gJune 24 VOD LIMJune 7m (2)June 17 VOD LIM (2)
  • Green Room was excellent. Read our review HERE.
  • The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition is said to be a VAST improvement over the lackluster theatrical version. I'm waiting to grab it on Blu-ray to make that call for myself, but for those of you who prefer digital media to that of the physical realm, it might just be worth a rental.
  • Midnight Special was a solid Sci-Fi flick. Read our review HERE.
  • We didn't dig Clown as much as some people did, but it was entertaining in its own twisted way. Read our review HERE.
  • We've only seen the first movie in the Department Q Series, The Keeper of Lost Causes, but we really liked it, and we're excited to see the other two. Read our review HERE.
  • Intruder and The Last Heist are two that we're still planning on watching. We've heard good things.

June 21aJune 20170 x 250
Yeah, we have no desire to see these.

June 3 VOD LIMJune 10 (3)June 24June 7cJune 10cJun 21cJune 7June 21June 3 (Chiller)June 7June 3Jun 21mJune 21rsunrise[3]June 3uJune 23rd170 x 250170 x 250
  • Blackway was a decent Thriller, with a really solid cast.
  • Cell was alright, but man could it have been way better. Read our review HERE
  • You Are Not Alone was watchable. Read our review HERE
  • The Midnight After, Sunrise, and Urge are all still on our To Watch list.

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