June 5, 2016

What's New on TV This Week? (6/4-6/11)

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Where last week was big on new Horror & Genre shows premiering on TV, this week brings us only Dramas and Cartoons... which is alright by us, because variety is the spice of life.

PREMIERINGJune 4June 11June 10
  • Feed the Beast isn't Horror-related at all, but it looks like it could be an interesting show to watch during the week, and we need all of those that we can get in the Summer. Premieres Sunday at 10 P.M., on AMC.
  • Another show that isn't even close to being a Horror property, Hell on Wheels is just too damn good not to add to our Must Watch list. We've watched it since day one, and so we can't wait to see how the series concludes. Premieres Saturday at 9 P.M., on AMC.
  • And Voltron is just something that we have to watch. We grew up in the 80's. Premieres Friday, on Netflix.

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  • The only show of note wrapping up its season this week is The Americans, which we haven't watched at all this year, so I guess it will be good for a binge watch now.

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