June 26, 2016

What's New On TV This Week? (6/26-7/2)

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This week, it's all about the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, but Ray Donovan, Roadies and Dead of Summer look to keep us entertained through the heart of Summer, so it's kind of about them too.

It's hard to believe that Season 6 of Game of Thrones ends tonight; It's gone by so fast, and been so damned good, that we're just not ready for it to be over yet.

Once the show moved past the books, I was concerned that the quality of the story would take a big hit, but the past 9 episodes have shown me just the opposite; things seem to be moving along better than ever now. When The Door aired, I said that was the best episode in the series to date. Then we got Battle of the Bastards last week, and I said it again. 

This season of GOT has been phenomenal.

As for what will happen tonight, and beyond? Here's what we think:

  • Dany and her army of Dragons, Dothraki, and Unsullied will no doubt be making their way to Westeros.
  • Bran will see the rest of that Tower of Joy flashback, and we'll learn Jon's parentage. We still say it's going to be R+L=J
  • Jon will be crowned King in the North
  • Cersei will use Wildfire to crush the High Septon and his cult, Mad Queen Style.
  • The White Walkers and their army of the dead will show up at the wall. If they have the horn (it's a book thing), the coolest ending scene ever would be them blowing it, and watching the wall crumble, then riding into Westeros. Probably not going to happen, but it would rock. 
  • Arya will show up at the Frey wedding, and get revenge for their part in The Red Wedding. Maybe it can be called The Black Wedding or something.
  • Melisandre will get BTFO by Davos for burning Shireen alive at the stake.  
  • Sam will somehow give up that stupid Maester idea, and head back North to do something else.
  • Gendry will return.
  • Ser Pounce will betray Tommen

Who honestly knows what will happen in tonight's Season Finale, but whatever it is, it's bound to be good. And the near year-long wait until Season 7 premiere, will be near unbearable.

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  • With so many good shows dropping like flies lately, it's good to know that Ray Donovan is coming back tonight. We can't wait. 
  • Dead of Summer is a new Horror show, and even though it's going to be on Freeform, which tends to be more kid-friendly with their programming, we'll check it out and hop for the best.
  • The first episode of Cameron Crowe's new show Roadies was pretty good, and we'll be adding it to our DVR's this Summer.

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  • We know nothing of these three shows, and it will likely stay that way.

July 1mJune 28170 x 250
  • Ditto these two.


  1. what does BTFO mean?
    anyways... Game has sytated that they are nearing the end and will have 13 episodes left - to make it worse , they are delivering it over the next 2 years - that sucks on all counts - i would rather have 1 long final season or , go with the Lord of the rings method and put out massive 3-4 hr movies since its unlikely , they will do the 2 year 6/7 episodes per year.

    1. BTFO = Blown the fuck out.

      Yeah, I'm not happy at all about the 6-7 episodes for the last two seasons. My gues is that they'll run over like this one did, or at least I hope they do, because they have a lot of ground to cover.

      The board is pretty much set for the White Walkers to show up, but I'm guessing that won't be until the end of next season.

      I guess we'll find out in 10 months or so lol