June 29, 2016

ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of June!

In all honesty, June was a rather lackluster month for Blu-ray & DVD releases. There were definitely some standout titles that were released, but in general, we felt compelled to buy far less than we normally do.

Here's a quick recap of the ones we thought were worth checking out, in case you missed any of our weekly Digital Dread Report posts.

*Remember to click the pics below if you want to order anything.

13 Hours10CrushMidnightRabidReturnsorceressWave170 x 224
As for everything else, not all of the month's releases were Must Own, but there were still some notable titles that are worth checking out.

7AbandonedFunhouseGBGB2OtherStarVinyl170 x 224170 x 2243CarrierDeadMonsterOfferingTremors14BourneCrimsonJaws2Jaws3Jaws4JeepersJeepers2LondonStarStar2X170 x 224EvilSensoriaUnstable21DeadFantasticnakaRoller170 x 224170 x 224darkDark170 x 250282Ray170 x 224dreamForgottenHotelsharkBLU FOOT

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