August 20, 2009

Quick Review: The Killing Room (2009)
"Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program."
Now this was an interesting and taut little Thriller, packed with a great cast (sans Nick Cannon), a very interesting premise, and a few nail-biting moments that definitely held our attention.

The idea of locking a bunch of people in a room and forcing them to listen to Nick Cannon songs until they go insane and kill each other, is brilliant to us. Honestly, does Torture Porn get any more terrifying than that? No. No it does not.

Poor Clea.
The cast is the real highlight of this movie, as they all get a chance to show off their considerable acting talents. Chloe Sevigny is as talented as she is hot, and Timothy Hutton is just as solid here as he always has been. Add Peter Stormare, Shea Wigham, and Clea Duvall to the mix, and you have the ingredients for one compelling "bunch of people trapped in a room" movie.

It was also nice to see Nick Cannon shut up for once. Please feel free to continue the trend, Nick.

That guy died from listening to a Nick Cannon song. True story.
I have to give this one a B, even despite the fact that it stars Nick Cannon, and the ending was kinda lame. It's a good flick overall, and it makes for a decent watch, so if you like guessing games and tons of atmosphere, then The Killing Room should be right up your alley.


The Killing Room is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Chloe and Clea are in this.

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