August 14, 2009

Blu-ray Review: Demons 2 (1986)
In Attendance- Me, Eryn, The Vanilla Gorilla, Nick, and Cherrie.
Cast Members of Note- Asia Argento! No more needs to be said here.

In a continuation (?) of the first movie, Demons 2 picks up with a new group of people watching the evil Demon movie, only this time they're watching it on TV, instead of in some creepy old theater. I'm not sure how the movie made it to TV at all, seeing as how it already unleashed a Demonic plague upon the world (in the first movie) that supposedly killed everyone in Italy, but maybe it's best not to ask questions.

Don't ask.
Sally is a neurotic bitch whose friends are throwing her a birthday party, which involves her staying in her room and sulking the whole time. What a Debbie Downer! She's also one of the first people in her apartment building to "Demonize," and she's even more of a downer when she becomes one of the unholy spawn of hell.

Oh, Sally. That girl.
From this point on the movie gets a little bit jumbled, with a Demon rat-thing crawling out of some kids butt and flying around while crying, a bunch of people running up and down stairs with no idea of where they're going, and a "driving around the 12ft. wide garage" scene that just left us baffled.

I don't even...
Demons 2 is a mess of a movie in many ways, although it is insanely over-the-top with its storyline, and a lot of silly fun to watch. It made far less sense than the first one did, but it made us laugh a lot more, so in that regard, it kinda balances itself out. The spider wall-crawl; the flying Demon baby; Demon-Sally dancing (seriously); another gang of retarded thugs speeding around in a car; the oiled-up muscle men and leotard-wearing Pat Benetar clones fighting off the Demons... It's all silly as hell, but it's still good stuff.

A Horror movie isn't supposed to make us laugh this much, at least not unintentionally.

Sure your name is Amway, kid. We get the joke.
Whoever told the people in this movie that plants were good weapons to use against Demons, lied to them.

Go ahead and bite your nails. They'll grow back.
Crazy amounts of gore in this one, and by crazy, I mean crazy fun!

Fun for us, not for the people in the movie.

That's only kind-of nudity, so don't get excited.
"Grawr!" The cry of every single Demon in this movie.

Is she pole-dancing?!?
Demons can be neurotic messes too. Also, Asia Argento went from being a cutesy kid to being a really hot adult, rather flawlessly.

Years later, there's not a part of her body that she hasn't shown naked in a movie. What went wrong? Or right?
Demons 2 may not be the movie that its predecessor, Demons, is, but this Blu-ray disc from Syanapse is a gorgeous thing to behold. This disc boasts more grain, and a tiny bit of artificing here and there, than does it's sister disc, but neither of those things distract from the overall quality of this transfer.  As far as we're concerned, this disc is a must own, if only to have as a companion piece to Demons.

  • High-Definition 1080p transfer from original vault materials in the 1.66:1 aspect ratio, featuring all-new color correction supervised by Synapse Films
  • International English Stereo Soundtrack
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Newly translated optional English SDH subtitles

While not as good as the first one, Demons 2 is so crazy that it at least makes for a fun-filled watch, if nothing else. It may not be a "must see" movie, but it's a worthy companion to Demons, which is absolutely must see. If you're craving some cheesy 80's Horror fun, you should really see Demons and Demons 2 together.


Demons 2 is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Let it be known that this movie was the feature film debut of one Asia Argento, daughter of Dario, whom went on to become really, really hot.

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