August 18, 2009

10 Posters that might be better than the actual movie...

Great posters trick us into watching awful Horror movies all the time, so let's take a look at 10 Posters and try to decide if they might be good flicks or if they're just traps!

100 Yawns.
Definitely a trap.
Somehow, this looks like a trap to me.
The sequel to "Piece of Ass, NM."
More Emo moping from Edward Cullen?
Trap or not, I'd watch this. Don't judge me.
Lately, Lance Henriksen movies = horrible, so no thanks.
Adam Sandler producing Horror movies makes me way nervous.
The star of this movie does DVDA and Spit Porn... I'm intrigued.


  1. Is that a Mexican Luchadore for that Felissa Rose movie? LOL

  2. I think I know what traps you...and it's two letters. The first comes in between S and U, and the second is the first letter in the alphabet.

  3. 4,5,6,7, 10 are definitely traps that I would be willing to spring as well.

    Yes that has to be a luchadore mask! I'm still laughing over that image. Might be a so bad it's good to check out but I'll need to check my liquor stash first.