August 8, 2009

DVD Review: Cry Wolf (2005)

"Average at best, but who says average can't be fun sometimes?"
In Attendance- Me, Eryn, The Vanilla Gorilla, and Nick.
Cast Members of Note- Lindy Booth, Julian Morris, Jared Padalecki, Gary Cole, and Jon Bon Jovi!

When a townie is murdered at a prestigious Boarding School, some spoiled and annoying rich kids decide to freak the student body out by telling them that they're all going to die next... at the hands of a masked killer named The Wolf. By email. Seeing as how everyone at this school is apparently effing stupid, they fall for the email gag, and panic ensues. 

It's The Wolf... dun, dun, dun!
Dodger, a hot ginger-chick with the worst name in the history of all names, is the sassy rebel leader of the d-bag rich kids, even though she's a townie herself. That doesn't stop Professor Bon Jovi from slipping her the old New Jersey Special though, because he's used to having all sorts of whiskey-tango townie ass thrown at him every day of his amazing Rockstar life. 

Right. Like you wouldn't f**k him too.
The crazy "Wolf" prank ends up working a little too well, and the jokesters find themselves being offed one by one according to their own made-up plan. Can they stop their lame prank from killing them before it's too late? Who is The Wolf? Is it Ritchie Sambora in a ski mask? I won't spoil what comes next for you here, but suffice it to say that Bon Jovi pretty much bangs anyone he wants, and at any time he wants to. 
Dumb name, awesome outfit.
This is a decent, run of the mill Teen Slasher flick that could have been served by a better ending, though it still packs a mostly fun punch. If you like formula, by-the-numbers Horror movies that you've seen done a hundred times before but still love, then you'll love this one too.

The ending. Without giving too much away, I hate twist endings that basically negate previous goings-on in the film, and it always feels like a cheat to me. Though the ending here made sense, and was pretty decent, I still feel used and lied to, like many of my dates have over the years.

This never happened.
Someone really calls themselves Dodger? I don't know how someone could willingly be called Dodger and not be embarrassed, because it makes me cringe just hearing it.

She like to think she cute.
Um... kinda? there's definitely some blood, but the twist ending kinda makes most of it not count as "real."

Well that's handy. Zing!
Yeah right, no such luck.

She soooo wants to be naked.
"Avoid suspicion, manipulate your friends, and eliminate your enemies. "

Trust no one, especially hot ginger-whores. Also, Bon Jovi rules.

I don't trust this shifty bitch.
This is an average Slasher flick that delivers the goods on most levels, just don't be expecting to be blown away by it's familiar plot or twist ending. I own it, bur for most people I think it's better off as a rental.


Cry Wolf is available now on DVD and VOD.

Lindy Booth is one of the cutest Redheads to ever hit the screen.


  1. the ending can be seen from a mile away......but like you said, it's simply okay...not terrible, but not all that great

  2. in the deleted scenes the redhead shows off her red panties which is pretty hot