August 20, 2009

Quick Review: Solstice (2008)
A group of friends travel to a remote location to celebrate the Summer Solstice (who knew that was a thing?), and the ghost of some chick's dead sister shows up and starts causing all kinds of mischief. Is she trying to tell them about the truth behind her suicide? There's also the mystery of some missing chick... I don't know, it's all kinda generic.

Solstice is mostly uneventful and light on scares, almost to the point of it being a straight-up psychological Drama. Think a hipper, sleeker Lifetime Movie of the Week that doesn't star Meredith Baxter Bernie, and that's basically Solstice in a nutshell.
Yes, a Lifetime Movie of the Week.
I liked the story in this one (even though it felt more than familiar), the cast was solid, and the "twist" was pretty interesting as well. And let's be honest, it's not a big chore having to look at Elisabeth Harnois and Amanda Seyfried for 90 minutes, especially when they're all swimming in their undies and what not. Hilarie Burton ain't no slouch either.

Had this movie been even the least bit scary, I'd have given it the full review treatment.

Elisabeth Harnois makes for a good Final Girl.
As a Horror movie, I'd give this one somewhere in the C range, but as a movie in general it gets a B. It's a well-made and enjoyable flick, it's just not very scary at all. You could do way worse than checking this one out, so give it a go if you get the chance.


Solstice is available now on DVD.

Girls, girls, girls. 

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