October 12, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #20

Alien assimilation, erotic resonation, giant man-eating worms, and a 70's throwback double feature...

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The 70's
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)- Ha! They did remakes in the 70's too!!! I can still see Donald Sutherland pointing and screaming, and to this day it's creepy as hell. It's also creepy that he's in two movies in a row on our countdown... anyways... Pod people taking over the world by imitating and replacing us, now that's the kind of thing Horror is made of.

The 80's
From Beyond (1986)- H.P. Lovecraft; the guy had some brilliant ideas, wrote some brilliant stories, and yet so few of them have translated to the screen well. This one did. The premise is brilliant and fairly messed up; at the right frequency, a tuning fork can do something to our brains that allow us to see the other dimension that is constantly surrounding us, and can't normally see. Also, the creatures that live there enjoy eating us. Sounds cheesy, but trust me when I say if you haven't seen this movie, it's one of the 80's best.

The 90's
Tremors (1990)- Mutant "worm-like" creatures attack a small desert town, burrowing around underground, and killing people just because they hate loud noises; It's 50's style movie monster goodness at its best. This movie is so much fun it's ridiculous; Kevin Bacon rules the screen in this, as does the guy who played Remo Williams... then again, the dad from Family Ties is pretty cool as the survivalist with the .50 caliber rifle too. This is an absolute cult classic that needs to be seen by everyone. Everyone!!!!! (That was my attempt to imitate Gary Oldman from The Professional. Sad, I know.)

The 2000's
Grindhouse (2007)- I have news for you: Death Proof was as good as Planet Terror, they just weren't the same type of story. One was an all-out exploitation gore fest, the other, a deliberately paced road revenge movie, both of which were immensely popular in the Grindhouse movie sub-culture of the 70's. Despite people whining about this movie, it's dead solid perfect in capturing the feel of those cheap horror flicks of yesteryear. Horror fans are a fickle bunch; Whine, whine, whine about remakes (which should be whined about), but when a horror flick comes out that is 100% fresh and original, whine about how it wasn't perfect. Those people deserve the Prom Night remake. Anyhow, a great movie

See you tomorrow with #19...

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  1. Body Snatches, From Beyond, Tremors and Grindhouse; this is a powerhouse foursome right here.

    Sounds like the mixins for the hell of a movie night, if you're looking for some gore and weirdness.