October 10, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #22

Argento, Fulci, Carpenter, and a guy named Gunn...

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The 70's
Deep Red (1975)- Yes, another Argento movie. The guy is a Horror god, and if you don't know much about him, you need to checkout a few of his films, including this one. Deep Red, also known as Profondo Rosso, is a great little Giallo movie, with excellent kills, crazy music, creepy atmosphere, creepy dolls, and an ending that makes you say "huh?" Then again that's not uncommon with Giallo films, and it's definitely common with anything Argento. Don't sleep on this one.

The 80's
The Beyond (1981)- This, in my opinion, is Lucio Fulci's masterpiece. In typical Italian Horror fashion, you have to throw logic out of the window, but it its place you're given buckets of blood, great atmosphere, unsettling music, and stunning visuals. This movie is part of Fulci's Gates of Hell Trilogy, much like Argento had his loosely tied together Three Mothers Trilogy movies; Another small town, another evil book, more zombies and evil shit trying to kill the badly-dubbed actors... this is a definitely a style-over-substance type movie, but don't dismiss it for its faults too quickly. This is a Horror classic in every sense of the word, and a must see for anyone who already hasn't.

The 90's
John Carpenter's Vampires (1998)- Many people scoff at this movie, but I have to ask why? It was fun, bloody and an overall kick-ass Vampire movie. How can you not love James Woods with his one-liners, kicking Vampire ass? At least they tried to do something different with the Vampire legend for a change... how many times do we need to see the same thing over and over again? Follow convention, and critics whine that it's nothing exciting because they've seen it before; try something different, and they whine about breaking dogma... Sometimes, movies can just be for fun, you know? Mindless, make-you-smile fun. Vampires is just what that is, and it's one of JC's most underrated flicks..

The 2000's
Slither (2006)- Another great Horror comedy, I look at this one as an update of Night of the Creeps for a new millennium. Alien slugs crawl into peoples mouths, turning them into "zombies" or mutant monsters, some of which even explode! This is definitely a horror comedy, and they pull it off perfectly. The thing I liked the most, is that there are references to a ton of Horror classics throughout the movie if you're paying attention; it's both a nod and a wink to the greats of years past, hidden within a fun flick that makes the genre proud on it's own. Own it and love it!

See you tomorrow with #21...

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