October 6, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #26

A Romero Vampire?, one of the best remakes ever, a PJ gore-fest, and a surprising Indie...

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The 70's
Martin (1977)- Martin is a Vampire story that throws everything we know about bloodsuckers on it's ear. He lives in the suburbs, walks freely in daylight, and uses drugs to incapacitate his victims. The cool thing about this movie, is that we are never told outright whether he is one of the undead or if he's just a deranged kid; either way, its an unsettling movie that needs to be seen. George Romero rules... just thought I'd toss that in.

The 80's
The Blob (1988)- I think this one gets overlooked by many as being cheesy, which is really unfortunate, because this movie seriously rocks. It's a remake of the 1958 original, and it definitely has the feel of a 50's-60's monster movie, but the new version has a better blob, a better plot and acting, and an overall cool atmosphere. Also, Shawnee Smith is like 18 in this, and she's damn hot. You have to love Kevin Dillon as the motorcycle riding town bad boy too; Johnny Drama kicks ass! A must own for those who like fun, no shame horror flicks. (*A quick side note, the song that plays over the end credits is a rare gem of 80's rock called "Brave New Love" by a Swedish group called Alien. If you love 80's rock, get your hands on it.)

The 90's
Dead Alive (1992)- Here's another fun one. A monkey bite leads to a New Zealand zombie breakout, and it's up to a guy armed with a lawnmower to stop it! This movie is famous for its over the top and liberal use of blood and gore, and the fact that it is one of Peter Jackson's first flicks. Also known as Braindead, Dead Alive is a fun, funny all out assault on the senses, that you can put on with a group of friends and laugh along with. And do shots, plenty of shots. Good times!

The 2000's
Feast (2005)- Ok fine, here's another fun Horror movie. This one is less goofy that Dead Alive though; it reminds me of a nastier, bloodier, hipper version of Tremors. Monsters attack a desolate desert bar, trapping its patrons inside, and it turns into a bloody, nasty fight for survival. There is some pretty sharp humor worked into this flick, and it moves fast and stays bloody. Hot chicks, plenty o' gore, cool one liners, and Henry Rollins!... This is a fun movie worth having in your collection.

See you tomorrow with #25...

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