October 2, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #30

De Palma's telepath's, Mater Tenebrarum, The Cabal, and Alice sweet Alice...

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The 70's
The Fury (1978)- The U.S. Government kidnapping kids with telekinetic powers and using them as weapons of war... what a perfect plot fora film by Brian De Palma. He is a great director, having done Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Scarface, The Untouchables, and I dare say that this is one of his better films, and definitely a vastly underrated one. It's a bloody movie with an interesting premise, and the ending is especially good; It reminds me a lot of the famous scene from Scanners. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

The 80's
Inferno (1980)- Many consider this to be Argento's masterpiece, even above Suspiria. Although I don't exactly agree with that, you can check my review of Inferno and it will tell you that I absolutely love this movie too. It makes very little coherent sense, but it is shot so beautifully, and is so atmospheric and Horrific, that none of the other errata matters. This is really what a Horror movie should be.

The 90's
Nightbreed (1990)- What a cool movie from master of Horror, Clive Barker. I mean David Cronenberg plays the bad guy in this thing! Humankind are the enemy here, not the Monsters! It's a fascinating movie, both in look and concept, and it's definitely one of the best monster movies I've seen. I've always wondered if this movie was Barker's commentary on coming out of the closet; whether it is or not, it's a good movie worth checking out.

The 2000's
Resident Evil (2002)- This is the movie that Romero was originally going to direct... can you imagine that? I still like Resident Evil, but good lord I would have loved to see the king of Zombie movie's take on this story. As it stands though, this one is a damn good Zombie flick, and it's definitely an above average video game adaptation. Mila is hot in this also, which helps too. It's definitely a "Hollywood" type of Horror flick, but it has enough blood and Zombie goodness to make me forget that.

See you tomorrow with #29...

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  1. I, too, would of loved to see Romero do Resident Evil, but it still turned out good as it is.

    As for the Fury, I have never seen it, but am torrenting it now. Inferno is sick, but all Argento flicks were.