October 3, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #29

Some good old fashioned rape revenge, the worst Stepdad ever, coolest comic book Vampire ever, and Kate Beckinsale in a tight costume...


The 70's
I Spit on your Grave (1978)- Does exploitation get any better/nastier than this? Maybe so, but I dare you to watch the bathtub scene and tell me that you didn't flinch, and if you're a man, outright cry. For the women, the part with the bottle is no picnic either.This is one of those 70's "women get revenge" film, which depicts plenty of rape and abuse, some creepy criminals, and an ending full of female empowerment. Harsh in both quality and content, but an important movie in its own right.

The 80's
The Stepfather (1987)- I love Terry O'Quinn; He's awesome on LOST, and he's insanely creepy in this movie about an insanely creepy stepdad who goes bat-shit crazy, kills his family, and then moves on to find another family to repeat the cycle with. This is one of those classic 80's Horror flicks that didn't actually make you feel dumb for watching it. The Stepfather is a great movie, and the character of the stepfather is an all time classic villain. Thank God they're remaking this. Ugh.

The 90's
Blade (1998)- Even though I could have done without the crappy techno music (which did work pretty well for the film), I love this movie, and its two sequels. Wesley Snipes and his bad-ass-martial-arts-vampire-killing, half-vampire self, rocks in this movie. Blade isn't creepy in the least, but it's bloody as hell, fun, and if you love Vampires, a must own. This is also one of the earliest movies that involved a Marvel property that didn't suck.

The 2000's
Underworld (2003)- Kate Beckinsale is HOT, HOT, HOT in this one! She's all bad-ass and vampy, running around in tight, body-hugging outfits, kicking ass and mean mugging the camera every chance she gets... That's the stuff that dreams are made of, folks. There isn't much not to like about this movie, from the cool UV bullets, to the convincing master Vampires. Some of its sequels weren't great, but at least Kate has been great through them all.

See you tomorrow with #28...

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  1. Blade and Underworld, mmmm, horror-action.

    As for I Spit on your Grave and Stepfather, I've only seen snippets and read about them, but from what I hear, "Grave" is chock full of delicious horrorosity.