October 8, 2008

80's Horror Hottie: Linnea Quigley

No woman in the 80's represented Horror better than did Linnea Quigley; Sure Rhonda Shear and Elvira did their part too, but did they show their boobs and butt practically every chance they got? No, I don't think so.

The only thing of worth ever to come out of Iowa.
She started off innocent enough, as a 15-year-old beauty queen from Iowa. Once she won just about every contest that Iowa had to offer (there were 8 in total, I believe), she headed off to Hollywood with her crown made of Newports and her Jack Daniel's scepter, to be in movie picture shows!

So sweet and pure.
in 1981 she starred in Don't Go Near the Park and Graduation Day, but it wasn't until 1984 that the Horror World truly took true notice of her; her topless impaling on a deer's antlers in Silent Night, Deadly Night is now a thing of legend. *Funny side note: I actually killed my uncle that year because that movie convinced me that Santa was evil... Thanks a lot Linnea! (Don't feel guilty though hun, I was going to try out my "electric cookies and milk trick" on the fat bastard anyways. Serves him right for not bringing me the He-Man guys I wanted.)

Santa hates whores.
The next year, she landed the role of a lifetime; in Return of the Living Dead, she played a skanky, punk rocker junkie named Trash, who was a whore, and was actually trash like her name implied. She also was one of the coolest zombie characters ever in one of the coolest zombie movies ever made. Plus she was naked again. Guess what? She was hardly finished being naked in Horror movies, that's what!

And the rest is history.
So Linnea Quigley is our quintessential Horror Hottie of the 80's, simply because no one worked harder than she did back then. Well, I worked harder than she did trying to get my pants off while she was on screen, but she still wins. I was like 14, give me a break!

She was in some cool movies, she always showed her T&A, and she was always smiling while she did it. What a champ. We love you Linnea, and we will always remember the good times.


  1. The last picture is from the movie Creepozoids. It's described (rather accurately) by Fangoria as "Aliens on a $1.98 budget." Still, did have a kickass Quigley shower scene! :)

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  3. Thanks a lot Anonymous, we have been trying to get better and better, and I guess that maybe we have :)

    We won't stop trying.