October 29, 2008

The 31 Days of Horror- #3

The man with the leather face, a haunted TV set, hail to the king baby, and a true psycho...

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The 70's
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)- Tobe Hooper helped to define a genre in 1974. This could easily be the best of the 70's, as it's just about as effective of a Horror movie as you will ever see. It's fun to note that as gritty, disturbing and violent as this movie was, there was very little in the way of blood... a fact that still blows my mind. And how about Leatherface; along with Michael, Jason, and Freddy, he is one of the cornerstone icons of the Horror genre, and his dance at the end of the movie is a thing of legend. Long live the saw!

The 80's
Poltergeist (1982)- How in the hell can a PG-rated Horror movie be so damned effective? One word: Spielberg. I remember seeing this at the show when I was 9; I also remember thinking my stuffed St. Bernard was going to hide under my bed and try to kill me, and I didn't sleep for weeks afterward. Why they're remaking this movie next year, ill never know, because it wont have the same feel and will be ruined by CGI... At least we will always have the original to cherish.

The 90's
Army of Darkness (1992)- Bruce Campbell's Ash is one of the most beloved Horror icons in the entire history of Horror, and deservedly so. This trilogy, and Army of Darkness in particular, has given us some of the best blood and gore, and definitely some of the best lines in horror history; "Hail to the king baby!", "Gimme some sugar baby!", "Shop smart, shop S-mart!" God I love it! Without Bruce, it just wouldn't work quite right... I don't mind "fun" Horror at all when done like this, but unfortunately, most of it never comes close to being this good. Hail to the king indeed.

The 2000's
American Psycho(2000)- Christian Bale is one of the best actors on the planet, and roles like this are the reason why. Another social commentary movie, American Psycho makes us laugh and cringe at the same time. The book was much more violent, and as much as I would have liked to have seen "The habitrail scene" on film, what we did get was more than enough to satisfy. If you love good serial killer flicks and hate yuppies, this movie is right up your alley. "Hey Paul!" Loves it...

Tomorrow brings #2!...

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