October 20, 2008

Review: A Joyride 2, Feast 2 & Pulse 2 Triple Feature!

What a treat... the Direct-to-DVD sequel market is alive and well! I have no energy to do 3 separate reviews for these flicks, so were going to do one quick post covering all of them. First up: 

You know, this one wasn't all that bad; it was pretty well-made; the story was decent enough, although nothing its we haven't seen a hundred times before; and Nikki Aycox looked hot throughout. 

Overall, I wasn't as angry or disappointed in this one as I thought I'd be.

That being said, decent is about all this movie gets to be called. I really hate these types of Horror movies; annoying tween characters get themselves into horrible situations because they're morons, and once they're in said situations, they continue to act so illogically, that by the end of things, I'm yelling "please kill them!" out loud to my TV. 

Seriously, if 4 asshole kids broke into my house, and stole my mint condition classic muscle car, I would have hunted them down too.

This movie is one of those that I can take or leave; a fun watch, a decent movie, but after all is said and done, it's painfully average. Rent it before you buy it.
She is the best thing about Joyride 2

Is this movie trying to be The Devil's Rejects? It sure is f'd up and bloody enough, but try as hard as it might, I'm not buying into the whole Tarantino-esque thing they're going for here.

Where the first Feast was fresh and quirky enough to work for me, this one seems like it's trying to over-stylize and out-quirk its predecessor at every turn.

I really liked the first one, as imperfect as it was, because it was still good in many ways. Conversely, Part 2 was just as bad in many ways.

I've seen worse, but then again I've seen far, far better, too.

Is this what The Weinsteins (producers on this one) have come to? Wow, this movie sucked so bad that you can clearly see the use of green screen going on, for what is nearly the whole running time. What a mess.

Poor CGI, lame plot, lame acting, and of course, the ever ball-sucking-lame "jump scare" ending! 

What is the point of this movie? Was there a clamoring by the masses to see a continuation of the first Pulse (which was a remake by the way, and a mediocre one at best), or did the story just beg to be told once more? Ugh. Pointless, pointless, pointless.

Watch this if you have shitty taste, otherwise, do yourself a favor and watch something else.

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