September 27, 2014

31 Days of Horror: 31 Horror Movies on Netflix (that you should be watching this October!)

Netflix has a plethora of Horror Movies and TV Shows for we rabid fans to enjoy, but let's be honest about it; searching through Netflix for something to watch can be a horrifying experience on the best of days.

With that in mind, we've done the searching for you and have found 31 Horror Movies (plus a few alternate selections at the bottom) that should be on your Netflix queues this October. These are the ones we'd watch if we were putting together a Horror Movie Marathon, and even though taste can be a subjective beast, we think that this is a pretty solid list.

Some are new favorites, some are old classics, but all are guaranteed to fill your month-long Halloween celebrations with blood & mayhem! And fun. We can never forget about fun.

You can click on each pic below to read our reviews of each movie (a few links go to IMDB), or just throw caution to the wind and get to watching them.

Either way, enjoy!

All The BoysAmerican PsychAmericanBayBig BadBlue RuinCabinDraculaDead SnowEventFrightFrom DuskHellraiserHellraiser 2HenryI Saw the DeviLetDOC- Never Sleep AgainnightRESacramentScreamSeasoningTrollVHSVHS 2twdWe ArewolfYou'reZodiac170 x 250170 x 250
Just in case you’ve already seen some of the above movies, or maybe they just aren’t to your taste, here are some alternate selections for you.

If you don’t like any these either, then maybe just go ahead and cancel Netflix in protest or something.

ABCAllBlack 2BlairBloodCandymanDead SilenceHoleHouse of the DevilHumanInnInsidious 2Ju-onManiacNight of the CreepsPactProxyWWZ