September 20, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

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It's a light week for Horror & Genre releases on VOD, with only two movies of note catching our eye. *There was originally another movie that we were going to include here, but it ended up being "available on VOD!" for the low price of $19.99 and not for legitimate rent, so we decided to omit it from our weekly column.

With all of the great movies that have hit VOD over the past few weeks though, there's certainly no shortage of movies for you to rent, so no need to panic.

Now, on with this week's releases...

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Don't Blink
Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, the visitors are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge.

All right, so Don't Blink sounds kind of generic, but it's got a decent cast, so we're holding out hope that it will end up being a decent little Thriller. I mean, who doesn't want to see Brian Austin Green in a  Horror movie, right? Right, guys?

The Scribbler
A young woman is facing her destructive multiple personalities using an experimental new procedure known as "The Siamese Burn."

Being that this one is based off of a Graphic Novel, we have no idea what to expect from it. It looks like it could be fun, and it's got a hell of a cast, so we'll give it a shot. Maybe we'll wait until we read a few reviews first, just to be safe... Man, we're cowards sometimes.

So there you have it two movies that might end up being worth your rental $$$ this weekend.

If neither of them blow your skirts up, then take a look at our VOD page, as there are plenty of good movies available now  that are well worth watching.


  1. I watched The Scribbler last nite! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think youll think its better than you thought it would be. (Side note: Katie Cassidy bares ALL in it, and she has a FANTASTIC rack! Also Ashlyn Yennie and Sasha Grey, but arent they nude in everything?)

    I responded to our last posts, but it didnt go through for some reason... I had said that yes Kite was really cool, I took a chance on your referral and was NOT disappointed... But the film I thought was the best out of last weeks watch was Dead Within. Fuckin' cool flick!! And that I understand not reviewing The Signal. I liked the oddness of that film, but theres alot of good films in the horror genre right now that you could save your time and effort for. (although Im a fan of you switching it up, i.e.- Marvel films, Korean Thrillers, etc, its why this is my favorite blog site) but yeah, after last weeks run of good movies, and whats still to come this year, we have alot to choose from in the horror field...

    After watching the Curtains bluray, I went into an 80's Slasher mood (which I do from time to time, genre to genre), watching Bloody Birthday, Final Exam, Terror Train and (although not Slasher) The Boogens!! Remember that one?? Creepy turtle-ish little monsters from the silver mines!! Haha! So yeah, now that I got that out of my system, its back to 2014. Ive had The Pact 2 on the back burner, so ill prob give that one a run tonight...

    Hey man, ever seen S. Korea's attempt at a Slasher from 2005 called Bloody Reunion in the US, To Sir With Love elsewhere?? It was interesting to say the least... kill scenes were awesome though. \m/
    p.s.- GUN... WOMAN...

  2. Your last comment did go through JJ, I remember reading and responding to it.

    Glad you liked The Scribbler. We feel better about checking it out now.

    We definitely do try to switch it up as much as possible, and still keep mainly to discussing/reviewing Horror flicks. We almost habbe to include some movies that aren't true Horror now and then, because there's a great world full of movies that Genre fans like us will appreciate and love, you know?

    The Boogens... wow, that takes me back!

    Did not see Bloody Reuinio n, but have heard good things about it.

    P.S. We have not forgotten Gun Woman! I promise.

  3. I have no idea why I said Terror Train... I watched Tourist Trap... Slow down on the cannabis, JJ...

  4. Now The Tourist Trap... now that's a classic. *and stick with the cannabis. It's good for your glaucoma.

  5. I know its not the greatest film, but maybe Im supposed to watch Terror Train now... I do have it. But yeah, its definitely not Tourist Trap-classic... I cant get over the job they did with restoring Curtains!! You gotta understand, for the last maybe 12-15 years, Ive had this really shitty looking DVD copy of Curtains... And for 10-15 years before that, it was this even shittier copy on VHS... So it felt like a whole new film! I know you did a review, but the only bad part for me was the ice skating scene, that prosthetic work used to look great on a grainy, odd-colored shitty copy, but BluRay-ed up, that shit looked Chee-eese!! \m/

  6. Actually, scratch that... My VHS copy was better than my DVD because it was a DVD of a VHSrip... Not the 2010 release. I never did buy the 2010 release because by then I was holding out for a BluRay release, which we got. *Captain Obvious* Its strange to see such a nice copy when youve had a history your entire life like that...

  7. They did a great job qith that Curtains Blu-ray, and you're 100% correct; it looks like a brand new film. It's really the first time that it's truly been watchable on any Home Video format.