September 29, 2014

31 Days of Horror: TV Release Dates for October!

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Be sure to click here and check out our TV Release Dates page for a full listing of the best Genre Shows that TV has to offer.
One of the best thing about October is that wherever you flip to on TV, you're bound to come across some great Horror Movies & TV Shows

As far as month-long celebrations and marathons go, AMC's Fearfest and Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween are the best things going on TV in October. Sure, the movies that those Network's show are going to be edited for content, but it's mostly for language and nudity, so they're still worthy of our nightly viewership.

The Kids can even get in on the spooky fun with both The Disney Channel and ABC Family offering their own brands of family friendly scares this month. Turner Classic Movies is also doing their yearly Halloween Celebration, and their movies tend to gravitate towards the more family friendly as well. *Thursday nights on TCM are going to be dedicated to a special "Ghost Stories" theme.

Networks like Showtime Beyond and IFC always run a bunch of quality Genre flicks as well, and they should be great resources for viewing this Halloween Season too.

*Click the banners below to check out the details on each Network's October programming.

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ABC Family
October 19th-31st
October 13th-31st
Disney Channel
October 1st-31st
October 1st-31st
October 2nd-31st
When it comes to weekly TV Shows, we live in a Golden Age of Television where we get quality Horror & Genre programming year-round. In October, both The Walking Dead and American Horror Story return with new seasons, and for our money, they're the best bet to feed our Horror cravings.
Gracepoint premieres on October 2nd, and we're all kinds of excited to see how it plays; if you don't already know, Gracepoint is the American remake of the smash British hit, Broadchurch. As murder mysteries go, we loved Broadchurch, and we hope that this new re-telling ends up being as good.

You also have show like Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Haven, and Grimm (all of which have strong followings) playing throughout the month, so there's no shortage of creepy options on TV throughout the week.

Now go and program your DVR's so you don't miss out on any of this October awesomeness, and Happy Hauntings!

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