September 23, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for September 23rd!

As if we haven’t already spent enough on Movies & TV Shows this month, this week looks to be no cheaper for us on the Must Have Blu-ray front. Sure, September may well end with us being broke, but at least we'll be all stocked up on new things to watch for October.

*Clicking the movie covers below will take you to each movie's Amazon page where you can order yourself a copy, which helps us out lots.

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The big one of the week, and we're talking in both prestige and physical size, is the Halloween Complete Collection Blu-ray box set. Anchor Bay and Scream Factory have partnered to give fans this dream set which includes all 10 Halloween movies on 15 discs (including the never before released Producer's Cut of Halloween 6), and a wealth of bonus features. *Click HERE for a more detailed description of the set, and what it includes.  

If you're a fan of Michael Myers and his Haddonfield adventures, then this is an essential purchase, no question. *Keep in mind that this 15 Disc Set is the Deluxe Version, and that there's a 10 Disc Set which contains all of the movies, but without a lot of the alternate cuts and bonus features.

It’s a good week to be a fan of The Exorcist series, as we not only get an Anthology Set which gives us all 5 Exorcist films in one handy package, but we also get individual releases of each Exorcist sequel, just in case we only want to own one or two of them. We're all for cherry-picking when it comes to most movie series', as it saves us from having to double dip on titles we may already own, just to get the ones that we don't.

Stagefright is the 1987 Michele Soavi film that we're dying to get our hands on in 1080p quality. If you don't know the name, Soavi is the man who brought us the Ultra Classic Cemetery Man (our review HERE), as well as being a familiar onscreen face in many Italian Horror flicks in the 70's & 80's. We're big fans of his work, both in front of and behind the camera, so for us, this disc is a must own.

Although we weren't big fans of the later sequels, The Saw Complete Movie Collection is calling our name. We love Saw's 1-3, and for around $20, they're definitely worth owing on Blu-ray.,, even if that means also owning Saw's 5-7. Saw 4, we're indifferent about.

The Rover (our review HERE) is an excellent little revenge Thriller that we can't wait to own on Blu-ray; not only because we loved the movie, but we're really interested in checking out the behind the scenes featurette which details the rigorous production that the cast and crew endured.

Finally we have The Signal. We really liked this movie, although it got a bit "out there" at the end, but we're not sure we'd want to sit and watch it again; this is a movie that relies on it's main mystery/twist to pack most of its punch, and now that we know what the whole thing was about, it almost feels like there's no reason to revisit it any time soon. It's worth at least a rental though, especially for Sci-Fi fans.

TVz-info100def170 x 224
Can't say we're all that interested in anything on the TV front this week, but hey, if you love Defiance or The 100, then you're in luck! We're still working our way through Hannibal Season Two at the moment, so no new TV Shows for us until we're done.

As far as the week's DVD releases go... Found looks like it could end up being a solid flick, and we have to admit that for a movie that was shot on a ridiculously low budget, the trailer looked pretty damned impressive. We'll definitely give this one a look.

Paranormal Captivity looks like it'll be about as good as it sounds.

Wer (our review HERE) is a modern take on the Werewolf story that didn't do very much for us at all, but then we're not all that big on Werewolf flicks to begin with.


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