September 22, 2014

A 31 Days of Horror Throwback: 2011's 31 Days of Creepy Kids!

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Of all of the 31 Days of Horror events that we've done since 2008, our theme for 2011 has to be our favorite one; our month-long celebration of the Creepiest Kids that the Horror Genre has to offer just amused the hell out of us for some reason. It almost feels like it's its own sub-genre.

Babies, Vampire kids, Demon kids, Ghost kids, Zombie kids, Monster kids, Serial Killers in training, disturbed mongoloids, and a few kids who were just plan old creeps... there is no shortage of terrifying tykes in Horror movies.

One of them was even the physical embodiment of Halloween itself.

So as we prepare for another 31 Days of Horror, let's take a look at some of the Creepy Kids that still give us nightmares to this day. Sometimes, they even give us daymares. 

Keep in mind that when we did this list, we did our best to avoid some of the most famous Creepy Kids of all-time like Damien, Michael Meyers, Reagan McNeil, Samara Morgan, The Grady Twins, etc... because EVERYONE always talks about them, and it feels like a cop-out to do the same. Instead, we dug deeper.

*Click the pics for info on the kids!


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