December 31, 2010

The Horror Hotties of 2010

2010 was not only a bloody good year for Horror films, but it was also a sexy year for Horror Hotties.

There are plenty of hot and sexy ladies that deserve all kinds of love for putting their lives, bodies, and possibly even their very sanity, on the line, all in the name of entertaining us, but these are the ones that caught our eye the most.

We have to draw the line somewhere, you know. If we tried to include them all, we'd do nothing but post pictures of hot chicks all day. Hmmm....

The Girls of ANOES
Love the remake or hate it, you can't deny the beauty of its female stars. Katie Cassidy, Rooney Mara, and Connie Britton classed the movie up (at least a bit) with nothing but their sexy presence, and at least that's one aspect of the movie that no one can argue about.

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Briana Evigan
Whether running around all sweaty in a tank top while battling a hurricane and a ravenous tiger in Burning Bright, or being held captive by a crazy Mother and her brood in Mother's Day, Briana Evigan looked really good while quickening our pulses. Nice job on the genetics, B.J. McKay.

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Clemence Poesy
We may never get the chance to feature this French stunner as a Horror Hottie ever again, so we're taking the opportunity while we can. Clemence Poesy is one of the hottest women on the planet, ever, and while she may be most famous for her role in Harry Potter, she's a Horror Hottie for stealing our hearts in Heartless. Good lord we pray she does a Horror flick again at some point, because we're selfish like that.

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Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton is another actress who may never grace these pages again, because she's one of those British actresses that fancies herself all serious and what not. At least we will always have her naked performance in the kidnapping-gone-wrong movie, The Disappearance of Alice Creed to remember... and she was all sorts of naked in that one.

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Haley Bennett
The Hole is a solid little flick that still hasn't seen a proper release as of this post, and that's truly a shame; mainly because Haley Bennett is far too smoking hot to keep on the shelf like that! Alright, it's mostly a shame because it's a good movie, but still, no one puts Haley in a corner! No one!

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The Girls of The Human Centipede
We have to honor Ashlynn Yennie and Ashley C. Williams with Horror Hottie status, not only because both girls are gorgeous, but because they were sewn to to people's assholes and forced to eat their shit in The Human Centipede. They deserve a crazy amount of credit for going through all of that for the sake of a movie, because we could barely watch them go through it without nearly hurling. Kudos, girls; you're both sexy and brave little troopers. 

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Jillian Murray
Jillian Murray graced our screens with her sexiness twice in 2010, and while The Graves may not have been the best movie, we rather liked Forget Me Not. Movie quality aside, we can't ignore the quality of her face... and body. Oh, and her acting ability. Can't forget that, either.

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Katy Rowe
Spirit Camp was a cheap little Guilty Pleasure of ours, and while Katy Rowe may not be all that famous, good lord that girl is something to look at. She's got it in all the right places, and she'll always be a favorite of ours, even if she didn't get totally naked on screen. Tease.

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Loretta Basey
Loretta has starred in one movie, and one movie only, in her career thus far, which is a massive shame, because she's super ridiculously hot. She made Dead Cert a more pleasurable watch, and one can only hope that she'll do more movies in the future. If not, I guess we could just Google pictures of her or something, but that's not really the same thing...

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Mircea Monroe
Finally we have Mircea Monroe. This girl is a busy little actress whom we loved in Growth, and loved even more in her Supernatural/Ghostfacers appearances. We're sure we'll see her in a bunch of projects down the road, which is a good thing; we always need more mynx-like blondes in the Horror genre.

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