December 8, 2010

Congratulations lesbians, you win.

Amber Heard is a lesbian, and I'm happy that she can be strong enough to tell the world who she is, and not feel that she needs to keep it a secret anymore. I Imagine that takes a lot of courage, especially in her line of work. In the end, sexuality is still far too much of a detrimental/volatile issue in our society, even as "far" as humankind is supposed to have come on such issues as homosexuality. We still judge. We snicker and make light of issues that intimidate us or defy our belief systems. We objectify. We condemn. Good for you Amber. Who cares who you love, you're aces in our book.

We support your right to scissor kiss other hot chicks. Especially on film.

Think of how cathartic expressing your heart's (and clam's) desires on film, for us (me) to enjoy, could truly be for you. Make a stand, and shove your love for all things Sappho in the face of the jerks who will undoubtedly judge your lifestyle... but do it ON FILM.

All of that being sad, my penis is very sad tonight. I guess we will get over this tragic loss as long as she doesn't forsake the horror genre as she has all things turgid and veiny, which it looks like she won't be doing any time soon. At least let us have that much, Amber.

Good night, and good luck.


  1. Thanks for your thoughtful post. Firstly, because it is thoughtful (and funny), and also for alerting me to this awesome news!! This catapults her to the top of my awesome-o-meter :D