December 10, 2010

Blubberella: If you need any more proof that Uwe Boll needs to be stopped, here it is.
So apparently just making shitty movies wasn't enough for Uwe Boll. Maybe he's on crack. Maybe he's on meth. He might even be on creth (a highly potent mixture of crack and meth.) Whatever his issue is, he's gone past the point of being a joke, and into the realm of "Fuck this guy." He's already demonstrated that he hates competent storytelling, so why not move on to morbidly obese chicks and make fun of them for a while? Seems like a natural progression I suppose.

Now that he's tackled the holocaust with Auschwitz, and he's demonstrated that fat chicks are as funny as the Jews are to him with Blubberella, maybe he could move on to an exploitation flick about crippled kids next. Or... Maybe he could just make a true statement and set himself on fire, filming it for all the world to see. What a statement that would be, huh? 

To experience pure, unadulterated pain (and not the good kind either), check out the trailer below:


  1. 'Fuck this guy' -- couldn't have said it better myself.... and this is from someone who doesn't absolutely loathe everything he's ever done (just 99% of it).

  2. Hmm... that does look downright horrid.

  3. I can see this clown scratching his way through his list now:

    "Hmmm....Jews? Done that. Minorities? Too risky. Midgets, maybe? Nah...too Howard Stern. Hey! What about fat people!?"

    Who bankrolls this crap?

  4. This is kind of fucked up epic.