December 26, 2010

Theatrical Review: Black Swan (2010)

"Oscar bait or not, Black Swan is a great movie, and Natalie Portman is a sexy beast... er... swan..."

Is Black Swan one of the best movies of the year, as so many critics seem to be saying? Well, yes and no. There's no denying that Darren Aranofsky is a great filmmaker, but his movies tend to be too much on the cerebral side of things for most moviegoers, who seem to prefer a good time at the Cinema as opposed to depressing thought-fests. I thought The Wrestler was amazing. I thought Requiem for a Dream was profoundly disturbing. Point is, he's the kind of director that I love. His movies always evoke emotion in me, and they usually have a way of unsettling me, whether mentally or emotionally. Plus, he has a great style.

Crazy Bitch.
I really loved Black Swan although it pulls one of the movie tricks that I tend to hate; think Shutter Island, The Village, or Haute Tension... that's as much as I care to spoil, but that should be more than enough to get my point across. It's not that I need conventional and straight forward all the time, but I just don't like being duped. It didn't bother me so much here, but maybe I wanted to see a hot chick morph into a black swan and go on a killing spree... would that have been so bad?

Spolier: this bitch is crazy!
It's really a movie about the unraveling of a persons sanity, and how striving for perfection can destroy you. Natalie Portman's Nina is a sympathetic character who strives so hard for perfection, that she actually finds herself becoming a Black Swan. Kind of. For Nina, reality and fantasy blur together in a mix of blood and physical transfiguration, that in the end becomes a metaphor for obsession. I think. Deep concepts tend to elude me...

I see what you did there.
There are definitely Horror elements at play in the movie, and even some bloody moments that made me cringe, but the true Horror of the movie runs far deeper that pulling nails from digits and bloody murder. It's a thing of beauty really, and if you don't go into it expecting a monster movie or a true Fantasy tale, then I can't see how most people won't like it. Portman is mesmerizing as the "on her way to crazy" Nina, and Mila Kunis is evil as her friend/nemesis, Lily. As usual, Vincent Cassel manages to be creepy and evoke my hate, because he plays creeps so damned well. This is definitely an actors movie.

"We should do drugs and make out!"
As with most of Aranofsky's movies, the sexuality is potent and important. In Black Swan, we not only get Natalie Portman Jilling Off in the cowgirl position, but she and Mila Kunis have a crazy scissor-kiss scene that really will go down as one of the best girl-girl moments ever committed to film. As exploitative as it may all seem, both scenes are actually important to the story (and my pants.)

Good. God.
Good. God. Part II.
Come Oscar time, there's no doubt that Black Swan will be taking its share of bows. At the very least, it's a great movie that deserves to be seen, and not because it seems to be the seasons critical darling. It's good, evocative, eerie, thoughtful, and most importantly, it has some hot lesbo action that will make you smile... unless you're a gay guy or a prude. Even then, you have to at least appreciate the beauty of it all, don't you? Either way, it's nice to see a high brow "Horror" flick being so well received. Go see it, and enjoy.


Black Swan is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

We so need a Part 2 to this movie...


  1. The hot lesbo action did in fact, make me smile.

  2. I was tempted to watch this one for Canadian cutie, Ksenia Solo... but I just don't find the premise very enticing (apart from the lesbo action :D ). Aronofsky's previous work has unfailingly left me cold as well, so I think I'll skip it.

  3. great Movie! no doubt! Natalie Portman is definately 'perfect' in her part..and she is soooo creepy!
    I was rather confused during the action..but in the end, everything (or almost everything ) came clear!
    great movie!

  4. After watching this I think Natalie Portman will be the 'Harrison Ford' of the new trilogy.. In as much as she'll be the only one who will be able to carve out an acting career post Star Wars.