December 21, 2009

The Middlins of 2009

Ah, The Middlins.

The are the movies that neither truly wowed, nor truly disappointed us in 2009; they just landed somewhere in the in-between.

They're watchable, they're flawed, they're surprisingly better than expected, but just not quite as good as they should have been.

There's no shame in being a Middlin. In fact, it's a lot better than being one of the worst, now isn't it?

sep 5507eventy Camuse C babysitter CBackwoods Cblood n C-book Cbroken B-dead Cdead_air Cdeadin3 C dolan B-dorothy Celse Cfritt v2 C from Cgnaw B-grudge Chorse C invitation C its alive Clast house B-lesb C lodger B-mega C murder Cmutants Coffspring C plague town C poughkeepsie C thaw B-torm C train C triangle Bunborn C-uninvited B-wrong Cbitchdeadlinehis name A nightof theperfect getawaysuturestell124 x 182

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