December 23, 2009

The Best Movies of 2009- The Honorable Mentions

Not every movie can make our Best of 2009 list, and there were plenty of movies that didn't, which still deserve their share of mention and praise.

Some were fun, some were creepy, some were really well-made, and some were really enjoyable despite their flaws. (Once again keep in mind that many of these movies may have been made/released in other countries, or had festival screenings prior to 2009, but they weren't released proper until this year.)

*To be fair, if we were to go back and do our Best of 2009 list over again, Home Movie, The Collector, Paranormal Activity, and The Red Riding Trilogy would probably top the list. We're not revisionists though, so we're letting our original list stand, as it's still full of top-notch flicks.

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thirst B under B 170 x 284

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