December 17, 2009

The Worst Movies of 2009- The Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the 10 Worst films of the year, we must take a moment to recognize the bad movies of 2009 that didn't make it to the top of the list.

Some of these flicks just weren't all that good, some broke our hearts, some disappointed us, some could have been better, some really needed to be better, and some were just not worth watching at all.

Keep in mind that the movies on our list are only the ones we've seen, so I'm sure that some have escaped our notice. Also, anything on this list had a grade below C.

against C-autopsy C-boogry D chaos C-diagnosis DNWdoghouse C-flesh DNWgiallo D hit C-home Dnight of C-perkins D plague D seventh C-shes DNWshort C-slaughter D summers C-tribe Dvacancy D walled C-white DNW170 x 284170 x 284
autumn DNWbanecell 2 DNWcold storage-crushcryptel superlast resortseductionskeletonSkull Headssmashstanstauntonterror blood fartvamp


  1. I really had high hopes for Sick Girl, Perkins 14, Wrong Turn 3 and others.

    Overhyped horror movie FAIL.

  2. I did too, Jaded. I think that's why I get so mad at the ones that fail... they had so much promise and fell flat, and it just kills me.

  3. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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