February 6, 2009

DVD Review: Red Mist (a.k.a. Freakdog) (2009)

Sub-Genre- Possession/Slasher/Revenge
Cast Members of Note- The double Hottie bill of Arielle Kebbel and MyAnna Buring.

Forest Gump's son, Retardo, is a creepy stalker who stutters a lot and tries to get laid even more, but to no avail. When he runs afoul of a bunch of douchebag Medical Students, he ends up in a coma. Obviously, they haven't taken their Hippocratic Oaths yet...

Arielle and the head d-bag.
Thankfully for him, hot little Arielle Kebbel feels really bad for old Freaky, and decides to use some experimental drugs on him to try to bring him out of his coma. Unfortunately for everyone else... wait for it... the serum allows him to leave his comatose husk, possess people, and kill the d-bags who put him in a coma to begin with. Whatever.

Aww... She's so hot when she feels bad.
So one by one, the more-than-deserving Med Students get bumped off, and the innocent but "possessed" victims get blamed for the murder... until Arielle gets wise to the goings-on and sets out to stop Retardo! I won't spoil the ending for you here, but suffice it to say that the blood flows, and the shizz hits the fan.

She's so dirty. *Literally and figuratively.
If you can forgive a few unrealistic plot elements (such as an experimental drug allowing a comatose patient to leave their body, and possess someone in order to commit murder), then this movie is pretty damn good. It's basically a lot like The Hollow Man, Shocker, Fallen... if you bought into any of those movies, you should have no problem buying into this one.

Also, Arielle Kebbel is full of nothing but goodness... hot, dirty goodness.

I would be her pool boy. She could even call me Raoul.
Do they really expect us to believe that the rebellious-skanky-goth-creepy bitch is a serious Med Student, and that she's honestly going to be a Doctor? She needs to stick to her meth and Cradle of Filth records, and leave patients in need to the care of those that actually bathe.

What a miserable bunch of human beings these Med Students were. It makes me sad to think that there are actually people in the real world who are just like them, and much worse, but it's true. Damn Young Republicans! ( Surely, I jest. But not really.)

Kill them all, Freakdog!
The more the movie goes on, the better (gorier) the deaths get, and one of them in particular is pretty cool...

That's one wicked scene...
No such luck.

Never pick on the slow guy. Also, disco balls never quite go out of style.

Nearly-naked and afraid.
This was a pretty solid effort, if an uneven and far fetched one; it's not like the "Killer hopping from one body to the other" thing hasn't been done before though, so no foul. It's fun, and it gets really bloody once the movie finds its legs, and the deserving ones get theirs in the end. What more could we really ask for?  Go Freakdog!


Red Mist (formerly known as Freakdog) is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.




  1. This one wasn't bad, which is good, because I would have put up with much worse for Arielle :D

  2. "The Bad- Do they really expect us to believe that the rebellious-skanky-goth-creepy bitch is a serious med student, and that she's honestly going to be a doctor? She needs to stick to her meth and Cradle of Filth records, and leave patients in need to those that actually bathe"

    I haven't seen this film, but based on this comment, I think you're a runaway asshole. Dress a little differently and you must be a loser who threw their life away and completely unworthy of attending school, right?. Not everybody with an eccentric fashion sense is strung out on smoking crystal and listening to shitty music. Maybe YOU should stick to the meth and leave reviewing films for the adults to do. I definitely won't be coming back.

  3. First of all Justin, I am absolutely a runaway asshole. I like to soar with my strengths.

    Second, the character just wasn't very believable or likable, and my digging on said character is in no way a judgment on how people look or dress, or their worth based on their appearance. But it is a judgment of the character, which is the point of discussing a movie.

    Her character, if I remember right, was a miserable human being, and no, her look didn't help her any. she wasn't some pleasant, hard working girl that had a different look... she was a gutter snipe skank who just happened to be in med school, and with the way she acted, deserves whatever insult are hurled at her.

    Anyone who has the aptitude, means and desire has the right to attend any kind of school, in any capacity they so choose. More power to them. The character in the movie, not so much.

    You're putting a lot of words in my mouth and making some pretty broad assumptions just from reading a tongue in cheek sentence from a horror movie review. Maybe you look "different." Maybe you have a creepy girlfriend who likes meth. I don't know. I don't care.

    You should probably avoid the internet though if you're this defensive and sensitive over a character from a movie being picked on. It's rough out there.