February 10, 2009

Horror Hotties: Rhona Mitra

I guess it's become obvious over the course of this Millennium Hottie Countdown that we're really, really partial to curvy brunettes with killer eyes and full lips. We're about to add another girl to that category here, because Rhona Mitra is just too hot to ignore!

The first time we saw Rhona in a film, she was being raped by an invisible Kevin Bacon in The Hollow Man. She played "the next door neighbor," so it wasn't much of a part, but the impact of that scene pretty much set the nasty tone for the movie. It made us sad to see such a hot chick being violated by Kevin Bacon though, and were still a little bit mad at him for doing what he did!

You poor, poor thing.
After catching Rhona Mitra in her sexy little role on FX's Nip Tuck, we next saw her in Doomsday; this is the movie that really made us take note of her as an actress, as well as a sex symbol. She was a kick ass asskicker in Doomsday, looking sexy even though she was rocking a glass eye.

"Have you got a cigarette?"
What really shot Ms. Mitra into the stratosphere of awesome for us though, was her starring rile in the third Underworld flick, Rise of the Lycans. We couldn't imagine an Underworld movie minus the crazy hot Kate Beckinsale, but after about 10 minutes of watching Rhona Mitra and Michael Sheen go back and forth in this one, we were sold. She was every bit as good in "Lycans" as was Kate in the previous two Underworld flicks, and that's saying quite a lot, isn't it?

The new and improved Death Dealer.
After Rise of the Lycans, we found ourselves seeking out any flicks or TV shows that involved Rhona Mitra. Shooter, The Number 23, Highwaymen, Get Carter... We just couldn't get enough of her work, new or old. Then suddenly, we just stopped watching anything with her in it. I suppose we began to feel a bit stalker-ish about the whole thing, and felt like keeping our distance for a bit was for the best.

Then came Strike Back.

The best Cable TV show you most likely aren't watching.
Watching this tiny sexpot trying to keep Stonebridge and Scott in line on Cinemax's top-notch action show, Strike Back, was fantastic. She didn't show up until Season 3, but when she did, things got a whole lot sexier.. and the show has more gratuitous nudity and sex than Game of Thrones does.

Is there nothing that this woman can't do?

There's a joke to be made here about Rhona Mitra showing us her pussy, but we digress. 
Rhona Mitra is the top British bird on our list for a reason; just look at her, and you'll know the reason!

This girl is a bad ass and as sexy as all get out. If you haven't seen Doomsday or Rise of the Lycans yet, grab yourselves a copy of each and enjoy, because she kicks ass in both. Also, Strike Back is a really, really great Cinemax show, and if you love yourself some good action, trust us blindly and check it out asap.

At the very least you'll get to see a gorgeous chick doing her thing.

Is that a penis that she's staring at? LOL

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