February 27, 2009

DVD Review: Walled In (2009)

Cast Members of Note- Mischa Barton, Debra Kara Unger, Cameron Bright.

This movie sure starts off on one eff'd up note, in which a little girl is "walled" up into a tiny little space, and starts screaming for her Dad. We then get to watch the room begin to quickly fill up with concrete, all while listenign to her panicked cries. Eventually, they stop. Poor kid.

Maybe next time don't sass so much, and just do your chores.
This is a story about a mason gone bat-shit crazy, and a female demolitions engineer sent to blow his building back to hell! Mostly. Mischa Barton plays a naughty girl trying to go straight by holding a job, except she cant escape her vices: she smokes weed, lets a 15-year-old kid rub her up, has sex, takes her shirt off in front of strangers... man, she's trouble!

Bad girl, Mischa! Call me though, we should hang.
So anyways, years ago a bunch of people were sealed up in the walls of this old building and murdered (like the little girl), and now Mischa is prepping it for demolition, and odd things begin to happen. Thank god she has a creepy 15-year-old little buddy that will keep her safe. Yeah. Trust him. I would.

I won't spoil the ending for you here, mainly because the ending spoiled the movie for me, but it's safe to say that creepiness ensues.

Smoke some more weed why don't you.
This movie had me entertained right up until the last 10 minutes or so, and then it completely lost its footing. I don't understand what happened in the final minutes of the third reel, as it lacked in a few different ways. I won't go into it here because I don't wait to spoil the events for those who haven't seen it, and it's mostly a decent movie, but it just pissed me off. With the pacing, there are some genuinely creepy moments in this movie. The whole idea of being "walled in" is seriously disturbing to me, and the theme works well in the creepy setting.

Mischa Barton actually did a pretty good job with her role in this. Unfortunately, Cameron Bright is still doing his "creepy kid" routine, and it's no better than it was before.

Post-Modern art?
Are we supposed to buy Mischa Barton as a demolitions engineer? Or that she's sent on her first job plan out the demo of a massive, creepy old building, all alone? Don't they send teams in for that? And when the crew does show up, the way they behave seems to fit the plot more than it does reality.

Sorry, but I'm not going in there alone.
They totally ripped off the Nightmare on Elm Street Rhyme! "9,10, He'll wall you in?" Thieves!

That's right, you stand in the corner of shame, thief
A leg injury, blood dripping from a wall, spear gun violence, dog violence, a stabbing or two... this one contains a fair amount of violence I suppose.

Mischa takes a bath, but we get no goodies. A few more times she teases us and comes close, but leaves us hanging.

"But waking up with a dead dog as a house guest makes me think, perhaps it's time to go" or "She can't take care of you like I can."

When someone says "Let's go," just frigging leave already. Also, never trust the creepy neighbors.

It's never a good idea to trust this kid, either.
I actually liked this movie right up until it absolutely shit the bed in its final 10 minutes, hence the low grade. For the most part this one is well-made, well-acted, and it does a great job with atmosphere and mood... I say see it, but just know that the ending will most likely leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.


Walled In is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


She smokes weed, doesn't mind nudity, and has no issue with lesbian scenes... We like this girl.


  1. I just finished watching this.

    For me it seemed like it started off at one place...and then took off somewhere totally off the mark.

    i went into this thinking it was gonna be a haunted house story... I guess on some levels it was. But at the end the movie just didn't deliver what I expected.

    And yeah... Freddy should sue.

  2. pregunta? what did that crazy architecht say at the end about the mom taking dental records? i couldnt understand