February 10, 2009

Blu-ray Review: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Sub-Genre- Vampire
Cast Members of Note- Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra, and Michael Sheen. And a 3 second cameo by everyone's favorite death dealer...

The third installment in the Underworld saga is a story about inter-species erotica, and asks the question: can a Lycan and a Vampire find true love? Well, the answer is no, because Vampires are pretty much stuck up and pricky, and willing to kill even their own kids to keep their bloodline "pure." Remind you of anything? Oh I don't know, Nazi's maybe?!?!?!

She likes it "wolfie style." Shush, it's all I could come up with.

We know the story from the first movie; wolf-boy loves vampire girl, vampire girl's elder dad forbids such "ethnically diverse" scrumping, wolf-boy gets locked up in chains, vampire girl tries to set him free, but dad puts a stop to that by grounding her... yes, even in vampire circles kids get grounded. Parents just don't understand.

I won't spoil the ending for you here, though if you've seen the first movie you know what's coming, but suffice it to say that Vampire/Lycan carnage ensues, and no one gets laid.

"I'm glad your mother isn't alive to see this! Now, go to your room!"
I really should learn not to listen to Critics so much (irony), because I put off seeing this movie because of poor reviews... and boy did I miss out. This was a fun, bloody and interesting addition to the Underworld series, and for my money, it's far better than Underworld 2.

I thought that the absence of Kate Beckinsale would ultimately hurt a third movie, but Rhona Mitra made me forget there ever was a Selene... She's hot, bad-ass, hot, sexy, and hot. And bad-ass. Go watch Doomsday if you doubt her bad-assery... The girl kicks ass. And she's hot.

She would totally kick your ass.
Bill Nighy is a hell of an actor, and he's great here as always, but it's Michael Sheen that steals the show in this one; the guy is just solid, as evidenced by the success of Frost/Nixon. I guess overall what I'm saying is that with good actors, hot chicks, and Vampires and Werewolves, you can't really go too wrong.

Some of the CGI was kinda cheesy, and I'm talking about the scenes where the wolves were running. It's a minor thing really, but it drives me nuts. Then again I hate CGI in Horror films, so maybe I'm biased...

"You're biased, human!"
If you've seen the first two movies then you pretty much know what happens here, which doesn't allow for much tension or mystery. It is cool to see how it comes together, but we already know the ending. Kinda like Titanic...

Titanic didn't have crossbows though.
A ton of Vamp vs. Lycan carnage; severed limbs, bodies split in half, gashes, cuts, wounds... add to that plenty of mauling, burning, whipping and sword violence, and you'll have a bloody good time with U3.

Some side boob and near nudity, but nothing more.

"...and we don't die often." or "I'll kill you. All of you!"

Vampire elders tend to be dicks. Also, female Vampires are always hot.

Dick (left) vs. Hot (right)
Yes, I really did like this movie. It was light, action packed, bloody, and interesting. My slight issue with some of the CGI aside, I say go catch this one in Theaters if you can, although I'm sure the DVD will be cool too. Either way, if you like the series, you'll like this one as well.


Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is available now on Blu-ray, DVD.


Rhona Mitra is so smoking hot that the Surgeon General has her on a watch list. True story.

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  1. The first one was the best of the series but this one was way way better than the second one. And I learned not to listen to critics after I saw this movie. An A- for me.