February 7, 2009

DVD Review: The Lodger (2009)

Sub-Genre- Serial Killer/Remake
Cast Members of Note- Alfred Molina, Hope Davis, Simon Baker, Donal Logue, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Phillip Baker Hall. What a hell of a cast!

Hope Davis is a weird chick (per usual) who appears to be clinically insane... or is she? She rents her guest house to a smooth-yet-creepy guy who may or may not be a serial killer. Alfred Molina is a cop hot on the supposed killer's his trail... or is he? This new lodger may or may not be the killer, and he may or may not be trying to cover his tracks. This movie confuses me.

She may be a bit loopy.
The one thing we do know is that hookers have to be punished, and so the killer begins to dice them up, following Jack the Ripper's murders down to the last detail. It's then up to L O S T's Dr. Marvin Candle to examine the bodies and figure out what's been happening, all while trying to keep the Dharma Initiative satisfied. Polar bears and button pushing ensue.

I won't spoil the ending here, but let me just say that it's twisty and turny down to the very end.

These hookers have it coming.
This is a remake of a Hitchcock film, and a silent one at that. It definitely felt like an old school Hitchcockian Thriller, from the pacing to the plot, and even down to the music. If you like that kind of thing, you should be pleased with this one.

Excellent acting in this one all around... but then with the likes of Philip Baker Hall, Alfred Molina, Hope Davis and Simon West, that's to be expected. Let us also not forget Rachael Leigh Cook is in this one, and looking as hot as ever. Also, Dr. Marvin Candle from L O S T is in this! The Dharma Initiative's reach truly knows no bounds!

For a modern day Jack the Ripper story, there was very little in the way of blood and gore here, which is pretty lame. I mean, come on, the guy was called "The Ripper" for a reason! Jack the Ripper = Blood + dead Hookers! *That's an actual historical formula. Look it up.

Rachael Leigh Cook needed more screen time.

There's a little bit o' blood and we get to see the aftermath of a few of the murders, but not much more than that.

Awkward smiley face?
2 hot naked hooker corpses! Gross, I know, but it still counts... I'm just doing my job here, folks.

"There's no one back there!"

Jack the Ripper never truly dies. Also, the meds don't always cure crazy.

...but the rain does. The rain cures crazy.
This was a good Thriller that deserves to be checked out. I wish that it had offered u a little more in the way of blood and boobs or something, considering the subject matter, but the movie was serviceable without such elements. Give it a rent.


The Lodger is avalable now on DVD and VOD.


She had a smaller role in this one, but we just cant ignore the hotness of Rachael Leigh Cook.


  1. This movie is a horror movie. tehre is a character Chandler Mannings who shows their full dedication to police work .His wife Margaret is not alive. I love this movie

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