April 22, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (4/19-4/22)

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Our lovely Internet Provider decided to do some maintenance in our area today, which left us Internet-less until just about an hour ago... so I guess it's good that this is a really uneventful week as far as VOD releases go.

The one release that we're curious about this week, and one that kinda came out of nowhere and showed up on Amazon today, is The Making of Lifeforce. We love the Tobe Hooper flick, and the idea of a Documentary that covers the story of how it was made sounds good to us.

Rent it if you like Documentaries, but know that it's only 21 minutes long.

The 5th Wave is another in a long line of movies that are trying to start a franchise like The Hunger Games; you know, a Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic future packed with teen romance and a strong young girl rising up to defeat a great menace, and save humanity? Now that's all well and good, but most of those flicks just seem bland and more than familiar. If I was a 12-year-old girl though, I'd probably dig it.

Rent accordingly.

Classroom 6 looks like it could be  a decent, B-grade Found Footage flick.

Rent it if you have nothing else to rent. 

 And that's it. hopefully next week will give us a wider variety of titles to choose from.

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

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