April 28, 2016

ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of April!

dvd bd2April
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April was a decent month for new Blu-ray releases, and a so-so moth for DVD titles.

As far as the Must Own titles of the Month go…

BDBlackDeathStar WarsYourBrideStuffTexasDolemiteKrampus
As for everything else, not all of the month's releases were Must Own, but there were still some notable titles that are worth checking out.

Everything5#CherryExpanseHallowSect170 x 224nguishAvaCreepDeadlyExitExorcismHoarderLakeTell122ForestHeroesLadyScrammShadowsVillage170 x 224170 x 224Apr 5fGhostMedusa19GermanHavenRevRev170 x 224170 x 224AllClassGore WhoreGoreHavenShe26DeathBackDillJaneSssssZero
So if you missed any of the great titles that April brought us, click below to order them now, and here's looking towards an even better May!


  1. Am I right that new Netflix streaming stuff isn't listed here because they don't actually announce their releases? I've been reviewing recent Netflix streaming horror, and it's been . . . rough. Hoping for a diamond at some point.

    Anyway, thanks for these updates! They remind me that good horror is coming out all the time!

    1. We have a What's New on Netflix? page on the right sidebar, but no, it's pretty impossible to list what's coming up on Netflix, because they don't announce titles often.