April 2, 2016

Updated: Theatrical Release Dates!

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We've updated our Theatrical Release Dates Page to reflect the releases that are coming to a big screen near you over the next few months.

While Captain America: Civil War and The Conjuring 2 are both big titles that we're really looking forward to, it's the smaller, Indie flicks like Green Room, Holidays, The Invitation, and The Shallows that we're most excited to see.

So click the pics below for info on the movies, or the banner above to check out our complete Theatrical Release Dates Page.

CapConjuringDarknessApr 15 VOD LIMHHApr 8 VOD LIMJune 24XBiteJun 17 LIMApr 15 VOD 22 LIMMay 13 VOD LIM

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