April 27, 2016

The Best of... Aussie Horror!

Australia is a beautiful country. Gorgeous landscapes; beautiful oceans; diverse wildlife; hot chicks with sexy accents... there's probably nowhere in the world that we'd want to travel and do the tourist thing more than OZ.

If you believe the movies though, Australia is also a deadly country, as Serial Killers and deadly animals are constantly roaming the countryside looking for victims/prey. There may also be evil spirits, zombies, and aliens down under, so maybe we're not so keen on visiting there after all.

The movies below all do a great job of capturing both the beautiful and terrifying sides of the land down under.

  • Some of the films on this list are co-productions with other countries.
  • Some of the films on this list far more towards the Thriller side of things than they do Horror.
  • We include Saw here because it was originally an Aussie flick, and it deserves a mention.

If you're looking for a proper introduction to the world of Australian Horror, then any of the movies in our Top Six will do you right. We'd urge you to start with Wolf Creek, as it's probably the "best" of them, but they're all excellent watches.

Most of the rest of the movies below represent Australian Horror very well, each in their own way, so why not just enjoy them all!

Also, be sure to check out our Women of Australian Horror post HERE.

Top 6AcolytesBlack Sheep (2)Lake MungoLovedTunnelWolf Creek
Below are the rest of the best movies that Aussie Horror has to offer. Keep in mind that no "Best of" list is ever perfect, but merely a solid starting point for anyone looking to watch some great flicks, and in this case, great flicks of a particular type.  

*Most of the links go to Amazon so that you can stream or grab yourself a copy of the movies; our review of the movie (when applicable); or in the case of some of the older & more obscure titles, IMDB, because they simply aren't available to stream or purchase. 
RequiredBabadookBlack WaterDeadDying BreedFortressHorsemanLongMysteryPackPatrickPicnic at Hanging RockRazorbackRedReefRoadgamesRogueRoverSnowtownTheseTriangleUndeadVanWakeWolf2HonorableBodyCrawlLong2SawStormWyrmwood

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