April 3, 2016

Are You Ready for The Walking Dead Finale?

Because we're not ready!

Not only has the back half of Season 6 gone way too fast, but with what's about to go down, we're all sorts of apprehensive about tonight's 90-minute TWD season finale.

We're pretty sure that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be awesome as Negan. That's a plus. What we're not so sure about is who he's going to kill, and how they're gong to have it play out; the rumor out there on the Internets is that they're going to show a MAJOR character's death from the character's POV... and then not tell us who it is until the Season 7 premiere next October.

If that happens, that will be a pretty big cop-out, and one that will kill the emotional impact of such a huge event. At least in our eyes.

In addition to wondering who Negan is going to kill, the fate of Daryl is still in question, we still don't know where Carol is, and we're wondering if Morgan is going to find another group of survivors from the comics while out searching for her...

However it plays out, tonight's finale out to be filled with death and heartbreak, and will no doubt cause the Internet to explode.

We are just not ready.

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