May 23, 2015

What's New on Netflix: The Mid-May Edition
Netflix has added some solid movies to its lineup over the past few weeks, and here are the best & worst of them.

The Best of Them: Inglorious Basterds may not be a Horror flick, but it's an A+ of a movie that definitely deserves our love; Zombeavers is a lot of campy fun; Late Phases is one hell of a werewolf flick; Extraterrestrial is a decent alien abduction flick; and The Sixth Sense is a neo-classic that you surely already know about.

The Worst of Them: Jinn was one of the worst genre movies that we endured in 2014; [REC] 4: Apocalypse underwhelmed us to death; and the first episode of Between was like a bad CW show.

The Rest of Them: We haven't seen After, Hybrid, or White Haired Witch, so we can't really comment on those. We can say, however, that Hayride 2 looks as bad as it sounds. Make of that what you will.

So click the pics below to read our reviews, or to be guided to each movie's IMDB page, and click the banners to see our full What's on Netflix page. Above all else though, happy streaming!



  1. As an Australian thinking about subscribing to netflix (US version) is it worth it from the perspective of a horror fan? ie. Are most recent horror movies on there?

    1. Netflix has a lot of good Horror movies, and a lot of them are recent, but they don't get everything. I think Netflix is worth the $10 per month overall, I pay for it, but if you're only subscribing to it for Horror movies, then it's probably not.