May 30, 2015

Blogger has put a kink in our works!

Windows Live Writer no longer works with Blogger.

What this means for us is that until Blogger fixes things on their end, or until Live Writer is made Open Source, we're not going to be able to update any of our Release Date Pages, Review Archives, Hottie Archives, etc... The reason for this is that Blogger has no image formatting abilities that allows us to add margins and such to individual pictures, we have no way to format Release Date or Review Archives posts the way that we normally do.

It won't affect reviews and other normal posts, but from an organizational standpoint, and as far as being able to keep Blu-ray & DVD, VOD, TV, Theatrical, and Netflix release dates current, we're out of luck.

We talked to a guy from Microsoft who assures us that a fix is on the way, and the second this issues is resolved, we'll update everything. For now though, there's not much that we can do.

The picture below sums up our feelings on the issue.

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