May 9, 2015

New Movie Poster Round-Up

Great posters trick us into watching awful Horror movies all the time, so let's take a look at 10 Posters for some upcoming Horror flicks, and try to decide if they might end up being good, or if they're just trying to lure us in and trap us!

*Be sure to click the posters to be taken to the movie's IMDB page, for info & release dates.
Kurt Russell as a cowboy on the warpath? Sounds perfect to us.
Cooties premiered at Sundance nearly 16 months ago, and there's still no trailer... We're dying to see this one, but get with it, guys!
This one looks all kinds of disturbing, and we mean both the poster and the movie.
Love the poster, liked the trailer.
Great poster, but the trailer grated on my nerves. A Lot.
Part 3's are usually good, right? Right? Love the poster though. I think it's the eyes...
Looks good, but I just hope that the whole "time jump" thing is handled well.
The poster is a busy, Photoshopped mess, but the movie looks like it could be full of Torture Porn goodness.
Loving the art from this one so far, just not sure if the movie is going to come off as well.
Without the kid on the right, that poster would be perfect.
Now this is the type of poster that makes me need to see the movie. It's just about perfect. Oh yeah, and the movie looks really good too.
We're not quite ready to get excited for a new M. Night Shamalayananan movie yet, but at least the poster looks fun.

1 comment :

  1. I'm so looking forward to BONE TOMAHAWK. The poster sealed the deal for me.

    I just watched GOOD NIGHT MOMMY the other day. Really good, if you like Michael Haneke's movies, from which this one borrows heavily.